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Become an Airmason HR Partner.

Earn up to $500 + 12% monthly recurring lifetime commission. Partner with us and we’ll share what we earn. Become a part of a growing HR tech company and a leader in employee handbooks.

From small business to enterprise, AirMason works with leading companies all around the world.

Why Airmason?

Our HR Partner Program offers 12% Commission on a monthly basis from the revenue generated by the company you refer to us.

You receive 50% from the first month’s subscription for every client referred.

You receive 12% of the monthly recurring revenue from the referred client after the first month.

You receive 20% of the revenue from enterprise clients (Over $1000 per year) referred.

Earn and get exposure while delighting your clients




“AirMason speaks to who we are and what we are about. It is culture driven and has been really helpful for creating an onboarding process. When we needed help with customizability, we spoke to someone in the chat and they were incredibly helpful and responsive.”

Michelle Finneran - People Operations Director at Founder Shield

Find out why thousands of HR leaders love AirMason ❤️

“We came to AirMason because our basic PDF handbook was not a reflection of who we are as a company. We want to provide our employees with the best experience possible and AirMason has contributed to making on-boarding more captivating and engaging. If an employee needs to look up any policy they know it will be right there!”

Jason Ackerman - BNA CPA & Advisors

How does AirMason help your clients?

Responsive Digital Handbooks  

Easily share your handbook with the click of a button

AirMason handbooks are fully accessible on computers, mobile devices and tablets. Need to update your content? Easy! Real-time edits can be published and distributed with the click of a button.

Centralized Dashboard  

Manage your handbooks from one dashboard

Managing multiple handbooks is easy — and organized — with our centralized dashboard. Duplicate handbooks, invite collaborators, customize access rights and more.

Copywriting and Design Services  

Let AirMason do the work for you

AirMason's creative services range from content migration to copywriting and design. The result? A beautiful, brand-forward handbook your employees will actually read.

Collect & Track Signatures  

Easily request, collect and track E-Signatures.

Gone are the days of filing acknowledgement forms! AirMason's custom acknowledgement messaging, e-signatures, and automatic signature reminders keep you compliant.

HRIS & SSO Integrations  

Integrate AirMason into your existing workflows. 

We make sure procuring and implementing new software is as easy as ABC with our custom integrations. AirMason's custom integrations make implementing new software easy, by supporting all leading HRIS & SSO platforms used by the industry.

These companies are already saving  100s of hours  & increasing  employee engagement.

Ready to earn more and delight your clients?

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